Our Team

Father Oscar Perez DudamelPastor

Dear family of San Pablo Church,
It is with great joy that I greet you, wishing you many blessings from our loving Father.

As you all may know, I have been appointed by Archbishop Wenski as the new Parish administrator of San Pablo Church.

With gratitude, I accept this responsibility, counting on the help of God and your prayers and spiritual support.


I was born in Barquisimeto, State of Lara, Venezuela, on September 27, 1978.

My parents, Simon Perez Limardo (deceased) and Maria Roselina Dudamel, raised 11 children, of whom I am the youngest.

I began my seminary formation on September 24, 1997, at Saint John Paul II Seminary of my home Archdiocese of Barquisimeto. Two years later, I was sent to Rome by my Archbishop to continue my studies at the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum and then at the Gregorian University.

My priestly ordination took place in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto on June 28, 2003, at the age of 24. That is why I recently celebrated my 20th anniversary of priesthood ministry.

After finishing my studies in Rome in the year 2005, I came to the United States to serve in the Archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska, where I worked for ten years as a Parochial vicar and then as Pastor in different parishes in the urban and rural areas of such Archdiocese.

In 2015, I moved to the Archdiocese of Miami, and I was assigned to St. Brendan Church, Miami, where I worked until 2020. Then, I served at St. John the Apostle Church, Hialeah, until 2021. In 2021, I began serving at St. Augustine Church, Coral Gables, until I was recently called to become your parish priest at San Pablo.

When I was in the Seminary, a priest told me it was my responsibility to pray for my future parishioners. He also said that even though I did not know who they would be, God knew it. By this, I want to tell you that I have been praying for you since then.

Lastly, I hope God will continue to help me be an instrument of peace, working for His glory and your sanctification.

United in prayer,
Father Oscar.

Kimberly JolyAdministrative Assistant


Kimberly joins us as our new Administrative Assistant. She has been a member of San Pablo Church since she was a little girl. She grew up in Marathon, left to attend college in Rhode Island. Meet her husband, Craig and has returned to the islands to raise, as she calls it her circus, on the island that she loves.

Kimberly manages the business and secretarial aspects of the Parish Office including the new website, Parish Bulletin, and scheduling of events. She is happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Terry Walters, DREReligious Education


Terry has been the RE Director at San Pablo since 2000. She is a graduate of Mundelein College, part of Loyola University in Chicago.

She and her husband, John, were married for over 50 years. They have one daughter, one son, and six grandchildren.

Carmen KelleyDirector of Religious Education

Carmen Kelley serves the San Pablo Parish as the Director of the Adult Faith Formation program assisting those desiring to grow in their relationship with God through the Sacraments of Initiation.

Additionally, Carmen prepares parents for the Baptism of their loved ones.

Jim KelleyChairman of the Pastoral Council

Jim is the chairman of the Pastoral Council, an advisory Council to the Pastor.

The Pastoral Council advocates for the people of God, consulting on the spiritual and pastoral aspects of Parish life. Jim also oversees and coordinates the various Ministries within the Parish.

Mike PutoChairman of the Finance Council

Mike is the Chairman of the Finance Council, an advisory Council to the Pastor in all financial manners pertaining to our Parish including but not limited to Fund Raising, Capital Improvements and expenditures on behalf of the Parish.

Our staff here at San Pablo has undergone thorough training in the VIRTUS program in order to insure professional, appropriate behavior in the workplace and to create a safe environment for our parish.

The VIRTUS programs are a platform that provides the foundation, and also, the superstructure, of all the risk control (loss prevention/loss control) initiatives undertaken by National Catholic on behalf of its shareholders and the Church.

The VIRTUS programs constantly and consistently employ several elements as the cornerstone of their methodology. These are (summarized):

  • they target both institutional change, and also, individual behavior modification, with appropriate products/services.
  • they provide both reactive/responsive and proactive tools, often assembled as "toolkits," to address the exposure areas confronting our insureds.
  • they employ multiple modalities (written materials, web training modules, audiotapes, videotapes, training manuals, seminars, etc.), to reach our audience.
  • they utilize a "Think Tank" development model, including engagement of an Expert Consulting Team that assists with the development and implementation of our products/services.
  • they are "constructed" and deployed in phases or components (Phase I of the VIRTUS programs deals with child sexual abuse and other inappropriate sexual behavior; we intend for Phase II to address violence prevention/mitigation; etc.).
  • they exist as an ongoing process—phases are never "finished," but rather are continuously refined and updated, and constantly available.
  • all activities are designed to ensure a constant product/service "pipeline."
  • they seek and engage outstanding professional service providers for product development and training, whom we manage synergistically.
  • they are committed to measurable results and continuous improvement.
  • they adhere to a "best practices" standard.

Through the VIRTUS programs, we are committed and dedicated to the task of constantly providing National Catholic’s shareholders, and indeed the broader Church, with the absolute finest, most cost efficient, and effective risk control measures available anywhere.