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Announcements from our bulletin of November 22, 2020

Our Mission is to embrace God's Loving Mercy, embracing our diversity as we serve the needs of others.

Jesus is the mighty King who reigns in our hearts.

There are compelling images of Christ on this solemn feast today. One is of the shepherd who lovingly and humbly cares for his sheep. The other is of a mighty king, ruler of the universe, and heaven and earth. In this image, he judges on how well we cared for one another, saying, Whatever you did for one of the least brothers of mine, you did for me.

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When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge or embrace forgiveness and move forward.

What are the benefits of forgiving someone?

Letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for improved health and peace of mind. Forgiveness can lead to:

  • Healthier relationships
  • Improved mental health
  • Less anxiety, stress and hostility
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fewer symptoms of depression
  • A stronger immune system
  • Improved heart health
  • Improved self-esteem
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After five years of music ministry at San Pablo Parish, it is time for me to move to a new position. I was fortunate to accept a music director position at St. Peter's Church which is very close to my home. I will share in the excitement of a new church building set to open by Easter!

I wish everyone the best and hope (once the virus has subsided) that you will continue the wonderful singing. That has always been my main focus as director- to encourage "active and conscious participation" through prayer and song.

To everything there is a season- a time to meet and a time to part. The singing and music making will continue in our hearts, minds and on our tongues. "Since love is Lord of heaven and earth, how can WE keep from singing!"

God bless you,

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The collection for the Thanksgiving Day Mass on November 26th will be offered for KAIR as they continue to serve our community throughout the holiday season.

If you would like to make a direct donation, please mail your offering to the following address:
Kair, 3010 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050
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San Pablo Catholic Woman's Club and K.A.I.R. get together monthly to feed the homeless.

For several years, on every third Friday, The San Pablo Catholic Woman's Club (SPCWC) provides a luncheon at our local homeless shelter. Volunteers create meals consisting of a main dish, two sides, and dessert.

With the collaboration of K.A.I.R. and San Pablo Church facilities, this incredible team of women ensures that our community is well-fed with warm food. Pulled pork sandwiches, meatloaves and, this month, egg casseroles are just some of the meals in our arsenal of home cooked food.

Everyone deserves a good meal!

Many members have provided meals over the years. This summer, SPCWC wants to thank our newest volunteers, Leslie, Carmen, Jim, Julie, Phillip, and Paul for helping during the COVID -19 pandemic.

If you would like to help with third Friday luncheons, please call Terry Rahn at (305) 289-2142.

SPCWC gathers monthly to grow in faith and Catholic community.

For more information contact Sharon Starling at
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Set up an account with WeShare to continue to support our parish electronically while you're away!

A big "thank you" to all of those participating in online giving with WeShare! Online giving has been a big help to our parish. San Pablo Parish has received more consistent donations and been able to re-prioritize office tasks. WeShare saves the administrative staff valuable time with its ability to accept credit and debit cards and to make automatic withdrawals from checking and savings accounts. This means more time to serve you and our mission as parish. No matter how you give, your gifts are always appreciated! If you have not yet made the switch to online giving, we invite you to consider doing so. Online giving offers our parish a stable, sustainable future.

We know that you share in this vision and we're excited about giving our parishioners many ways to participate in our growth as a parish family.
Thank you for your support!

Online Giving
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Never Baptized? Baptized into another Faith and would like to be able to learn more about Catholicism? Baptized Catholic but never received the Sacraments of Holy Communion or Confirmation?
RCIA is here for you!

What is RCIA exactly?

RCIA is the process the Catholic Church uses to help non-Catholics learn more about the Church and if they desire, become Catholic.

If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Church, it's practices and traditions and/or have not received all the Sacraments of Initiation, please join this program.

How can you get started?

Contact RCIA director, Carmen Kelley (954) 328-2513 or to discuss how the Church can address your needs.
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Faith & Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice and Restoration

Are you interested in learning more about racism and how to address it in our communities and nation?
Presented through the lens of the Christian faith, JustFaith Ministries’ Faith & Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice and Restoration is an eight-session program that guides participants in telling the truth about the history of racism in the United States, that we might work toward true reconciliation with God and restoration with one another.

A virtual on line learning group to explore this topic will be starting in January.

For more information on the program and how to register please call Patrice Schwermer (305) 807-4503 or . You can also access the following link to find out more about the program: FRH Program Booklet . (If you cannot access the Program Booklet please call Patrice and she will provide it for you).
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If you receive text messages or emails from "clergy" asking for gifts of any kind, especially those of financial nature, please know that they are scammers. Clergy would not ask for donations through those channels.

You can report the scam to Florida’s Consumer Protection Division, by visiting and filling out a complaint form, or calling the Fraud Hotline, 1-866-966-7226.
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For all who have contracted coronavirus, we pray for care and healing.

For those who are particularly vulnerable, we pray for safety and protection.

For all who experience fear or anxiety, we pray for peace of mind and spirit.

For affected families who are facing difficult decisions between food on the table or public safety, we pray for policies that recognize their plight.

For those who do not have adequate health insurance, we pray that no family will face financial burdens alone.

For those who are afraid to access care due to immigration status, we pray for recognition of the God-given dignity of all.

For our brothers and sisters around the world, we pray for shared solidarity.

For public officials and decisionmakers, we pray for wisdom and guidance.

Father, during this time may your Church be a sign of hope, comfort and love to all. Grant peace. Grant comfort. Grant healing. Be with us, Lord.


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Father, all the elements of nature obey Your commands.
Protect us and all Your people
During this season of storms and hurricanes.
Calm our fears and help us to prepare
Our hearts as well as our homes.
Help us to see You
In all we may encounter,
And help us to minister to each other
In Your Name.
Through Christ Our Lord,

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  • Abby Cafiero
  • Aimee Casey
  • Andrew Czeck
  • Anna Hartley
  • Annie Marill & girls
  • Ashley Radloff
  • Baby Aleman
  • Baby Elizabeth
  • Baby Mila
  • Barbara Gray
  • Barbara Musacchia
  • Bill & Melody Kelley
  • Bob Wimmer
  • Catherine Diaz
  • Catherine Dunn
  • Cecelia Chris
  • Christine Grenet
  • Christopher Cullen
  • Delores Szemborski
  • Denny Palmer
  • Diana & Stan Stromski
  • Don Elzer
  • Donna Brozdonis
  • Doug & Melissa
  • Ellen Monahan Andary
  • Emilia Echevarria
  • Erick Armstrong
  • Faith Palguta
  • Father Ed Prus
  • Fran Newman
  • Frank Batistich
  • Frank Vaccaro
  • Fred Beverly
  • Gabriel Alvarez
  • Gerard “Grandpa” Roseau
  • Honey Karl
  • Jane Wisnewski
  • Jayna Johannes
  • Jeanne Eigner
  • Jeannie Platt
  • Jerry Paige
  • Jim & Connie Aaron
  • Jim Johnson
  • Jim Walton
  • Joan Hoch
  • John & Judy Arnold
  • John Cunningham
  • John Luce
  • Joyce DeMarko
  • Kaitlyn Palguta
  • Karen Nielsen
  • Karen Wimmer
  • Kay Cornell
  • Lidia Morelia
  • Maida Brown
  • Marie & Steve Flood
  • Marie Schmidt
  • Mary Love
  • Michael Valentine
  • Mike Puto
  • Morgan Leary
  • Nancy Ahearn
  • Nancy Arrowsmith
  • Nancy Gudgeon
  • Neil Rathbun
  • Neiro
  • Nathaniel
  • Merrick Maro
  • Nicole De Feo
  • Pat Thonus
  • Patricia Thonus
  • Paul Bekavak
  • Peter Pittman
  • Philomene Lebon
  • Randy Wright
  • Richard Worthing
  • Riley Epperson
  • Riley Johannes
  • Roberto Betancourt
  • Roland & Truitt
  • Ruthie & Billy Wagner
  • Samantha Scofield
  • Sara Joseph-Rager
  • Stan Stromsky
  • Tamara Pfeffer
  • Teresa Vaccaro
  • Terry Walters
  • William Gustautson
  • Wilma Tarlton
  • Yvonne Crimella

If you see yourself or someone you know on the list who is no longer sick, please contact the office.

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