Classes will be in the parish hall from 11:00am - 12:15pm.

  • Sunday, March 15th
  • Sunday, March 22nd
  • Sunday, March 29th
  • Sunday, April 5th

Donations of snacks much appreciated!

Thank you to Cristina Rodriguez Bernal who has generously volunteered her time and talents to guide our 1st Communion class through their preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

That class met on Thursday, January 23rd, for the first time and had a very successful session with their teacher, while their Moms met with "Miss" Terry.

Of course, this was after a supper of pizza and star fruit! (food for the body before food for the brain and heart!)

Thank you also to our dedicated Catechists, who are teaching children from PK-4 to the '7-Ups' (7th grade and above), every week.

Their time and talents enrich our parish life: Mary Therese Egizio, Miriam Hribar, Megan Merryman, and Christine Paul. More volunteers are welcome to serve as aids and/or substitute Catechists!

Education Program needs your registration forms for new and current students.

For details, call Terry Walters, DRE at (305) 393-1407 or email at