Stewardship, placing our time, talent and treasure at God's disposal, is then the path of discipleship by which we grow in our friendship with God, and with one another, becoming in Christ, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, the persons that God meant for us to be.

To say that we are "stewards" is to say that we are not the "owners" of our time, talent or our treasure. Everything we have received is from others. What we have, we have received freely from our parents, our families and from those who have mentored us and afforded us so many opportunities. All these gifts find their origin in God who is never outdone in generosity. But God does make us "managers" or "administrators" of what is his, to act on his behalf. God in his mercy still calls us despite our sinfulness into his vineyard to work to multiply the gifts he has given us. (cf. Matthew 25:21)

The good steward is a missionary disciple who shares God's love, by selflessly contributing his or her time, talent and treasure, and in doing so offers a future of hope to all, especially to those most in need.