San Pablo Catholic Woman's Club and K.A.I.R. get together monthly to feed the homeless.

For several years, on every third Friday, The San Pablo Catholic Woman's Club (SPCWC) provides a luncheon at our local homeless shelter. Volunteers create meals consisting of a main dish, two sides, and dessert.

With the collaboration of K.A.I.R. and San Pablo Church facilities, this incredible team of women ensures that our community is well-fed with warm food. Pulled pork sandwiches, meatloaves and, this month, egg casseroles are just some of the meals in our arsenal of home cooked food.

Everyone deserves a good meal!

Many members have provided meals over the years. This summer, SPCWC wants to thank our newest volunteers, Leslie, Carmen, Jim, Julie, Phillip, and Paul for helping during the COVID -19 pandemic.

If you would like to help with third Friday luncheons, please call Terry Rahn at (305) 289-2142.

SPCWC gathers monthly to grow in faith and Catholic community.

For more information contact Sharon Starling at