The San Pablo Confirmation II class, that will be Confirmed on June 20th, still wants to continue doing good; so, here's their plan:

  • Every month they will be collecting a different kind of food for KAIR (Keys Area Interdenominational Resources), which is the primary source in Marathon for those in need. It is supported by all the churches in our fine city.
  • How will you know what to donate?
    They will let you know through announcements in church, in the bulletin, and in the newsletter emails.
  • Where should I put my donations?
    In the giant blue bins at the doors of the church.
  • You won't want to miss a month! Because of the creativity of these young San Pablo Candidates, each month will be an interesting mix! The pictures on the bins will let you know what to put in!
  • DONATIONS for the month of MAY will be lunch supplies:
    Spaghetti-Os (pop top cans only), individual cracker packages, ravioli (pop top cans only), pudding, plastic spoons, lunch bags, individual boxes of raisins, Nature Valley Granola Bars.
  • Every Monday the food will be delivered to KAIR where the people are happily waiting to see what the donations will be!
  • INSTACART: If it's hard to get out shopping, think about having Instacart do it for you AND have it delivered to San Pablo!

You are invited to go up to the center isle to the Altar during the Offertory at Mass and put your donations in the large blue bin.