Mass Intentions

THURSDAY, December 12: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
8:00 AM + Cathy McKoy by Jim McKoy Unborn by Jean Tartlon
FRIDAY, December 13
8:00 AM + Judy Dillon Wilkens & + Madeline Libertella by Virgina Dillon
SATURDAY, December 14
5:00 PM + Carolyn Krieg & Ted Richardson by Jeri McCarty
L Paul Bekavak by Willia Bond
SUNDAY, December 15
8:00 AM + Jim Platt by Nancy Arowsmith
+ Robby Kroschel by Bob K.
+ Bob & Arline Wallace by Colleen & John Repetto
10:00 AM L&D Paccelli Highschool ’59 Class by Mary Ann Skadberg
+ Alan Eigner by Joseph Family
12:30 PM + Barbara & Jose Sarmiento by Juanita Alfonso
MONDAY, December 16
8:00 AM L&D Fl Keys Concert Association by San Pablo Parish
L Maria & Robert Muller by San Pablo Parish
TUESDAY, December 17
8:00 AM L People of the Parish
WEDNESDAY, December 18
8:00 AM + Eugene McGill by Mary Melvin
THURSDAY, December 19
8:00 AM L People of the Parish
FRIDAY, December 20
8:00 AM L People of the Parish
On Tuesdays, a Service will be celebrated as the Liturgy of the Word with distribution of Holy Communion.