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Announcements from our bulletin of February 23, 2020

Strive for perfection in love.

Jesus expands on the law that his followers knew well. As God loves all people without partiality the bad and the good, the just and the unjust so are all who follow him to do. Certainly this can be difficult, but it is not impossible. For by Christ's sacrifice, we have been made children of the Father. With his help, and God's grace, we are capable of striving for the perfection in love to which we are called.

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Stewardship, placing our time, talent and treasure at God's disposal, is then the path of discipleship by which we grow in our friendship with God, and with one another, becoming in Christ, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, the persons that God meant for us to be.

To say that we are "stewards" is to say that we are not the "owners" of our time, talent or our treasure. Everything we have received is from others. What we have, we have received freely from our parents, our families and from those who have mentored us and afforded us so many opportunities. All these gifts find their origin in God who is never outdone in generosity. But God does make us "managers" or "administrators" of what is his, to act on his behalf. God in his mercy still calls us despite our sinfulness into his vineyard to work to multiply the gifts he has given us. (cf. Matthew 25:21)

The good steward is a missionary disciple who shares God's love, by selflessly contributing his or her time, talent and treasure, and in doing so offers a future of hope to all, especially to those most in need.

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Please join us on February 26th for Mass with the distribution of ashes.

Mass times for Ash Wednesday are the following:

  • 8:00am
  • 12:00noon
  • 7:00pm
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Mark Your Calendars

  • Ash Wednesday Masses on February 26th:
    8:00am, 12:00noon, 7:00pm
  • Parish Mission led by Father Ricky Manolo:
    Begins with the weekend Masses on the First Sunday of Lent (February 29th - March 1st) with evening sessions at 7:00pm on Monday, March 2nd and Tuesday, March 3rd.
  • Day of Recollection on the Divine Mercy Devotion and its Message:
    Led by Deacon Rafael de los Reyos from the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Miami FL Saturday, April 4th from 9:00am to 3:30pm.
  • Communal Penance Service with Individual Confession:
    With Reverend Roman Wrobleski on Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00pm.
    Confessions also available every Friday during Lent after the 8:00am Mass and by appointment.
  • Every Friday during Lent:
    Mass 8:00am follow by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Sacrament of Reconciliation. Stations of the Cross 12:00noon, concludes with Benediction.
  • Rice Bowls and the Poor Box:
    For giving of alms as one way to share God's Gifts.
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Paulist Father Ricky Manalo, accomplished musician, composer, lecturer and author will be presenting a Parish Mission at San Pablo Church the weekend of March 1st, First Sunday of Lent.

Father will preach at all the weekend Masses and hold mission services Monday and Tuesday evening starting at 7:00pm.

The first night he will speak about the history and meaning of Lent. The second evening he will discuss the importance of music and liturgy.

Be sure to mark your calendars and plan to attend this spiritually enriching mission. Come early as seats could fill up.

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Each day during Lent, CRS Rice Bowl invites you to reflect on how your Lenten sacrifices can help families around the world overcome the challenges of hunger and poor nutrition. When you donate to CRS Rice Bowl, even a small offering has potential to feed many. Jesus fed thousands with a few loaves off bread and two fish. Let us follow His example, committing our 40-day Lenten journey to meeting the needs of our global human family.

Please return your Rice Bowls on the weekend of Psalm Sunday of Holy Week, April 4th & 5th.

For more information, please see CRS pamphlets at the church entrance.

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The retreat, led by the Apostolate of Divine Mercy, will take place on Saturday, April 4th at San Pablo Catholic Church in Marathon, Florida beginning at 9:00am and ending at approximately 3:30pm in the afternoon with praise and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

All are invited to a retreat on the spirituality of Divine Mercy and Santa Faustina in preparation for our Lenten season.

We will present four talks to ponder and reflect, which follow the mission that the Lord gave to Santa Faustina: "You will prepare the world for my second coming":

  1. My Lord and My God
  2. The Paschal Mystery
  3. Immerse yourself in My Passion
  4. Way to Holiness

There is no cost for attending this retreat. The parish and its parishioners are offering breakfast and lunch but will appreciate any contributions to help defray the cost of the food.

We invite visitors and parishioners from other parishes in South Florida and the Florida Keys to attend.

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With a grateful heart, thank you to those who generously made a commitment to the 2020 Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD). As of today, 70 of our 200 families have pledged $37,000. We are truly grateful for the love and support of our parish community to help serve our Church above and beyond what happens here in our parish.

If you have not made a gift to the ABCD yet, we need your help to reach our parish goal of $50,000. Please make your pledge and return it to the church office or in the collection basket. We are confident that, with God’s help and yours, we will unite as a Catholic community to be the eyes, hands and feet of Christ here in South Florida.

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Classes will be in the parish hall from 11:00am - 12:15pm.

  • Sunday, February 23rd: Classes
  • Sunday, March 1st: Classes
  • Sunday, March 8th: Classes
  • Sunday, March 15th: Classes

Donations of snacks much appreciated!

Thank you to Cristina Rodriguez Bernal who has generously volunteered her time and talents to guide our 1st Communion class through their preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

That class met on Thursday, January 23rd, for the first time and had a very successful session with their teacher, while their Moms met with "Miss" Terry.

Of course, this was after a supper of pizza and star fruit! (food for the body before food for the brain and heart!)

Thank you also to our dedicated Catechists, who are teaching children from PK-4 to the '7-Ups' (7th grade and above), every week.

Their time and talents enrich our parish life: Mary Therese Egizio, Miriam Hribar, Megan Merryman, and Christine Paul. More volunteers are welcome to serve as aids and/or substitute Catechists!

Education Program needs your registration forms for new and current students.

For details, call Terry Walters, DRE at (305) 393-1407 or email at
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Save the Date: March 17th.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Key Colony St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Have a convertible, unique car or truck?
Decorate it in green, invite your friends, toss candy or beads to the kids.

All individuals, animals, organizations, clubs, leagues, lodges, veterans, groups, and businesses plan to wear green and join us for some fun!

Parade assembly begins at 4:30pm.

  • Vehicles at 15th Street Circle.
  • Walkers meet at Sunset Park.
Contact Jack Crowley at (402) 984-3888 or at
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  • Marie Schmidt
  • Ruthie & Billy Wagner
  • Bill & Melody Kelley
  • Jeannie Platt
  • Barbara Arena
  • Peter Pittman
  • Fran Newman
  • Sara Joseph-Rager
  • Roland Rochleau
  • Nancy Ahearn
  • Philomene Lebon
  • Morgan Leary
  • Ellen Monahan Andary
  • Riley Johannes
  • Tamara Pfeffer
  • Jim Johnson
  • Christopher Cullen
  • Kaitlyn Palguta
  • Faith Palguta
  • Michael Valentine
  • Karen Wimmer
  • Fred Beverly
  • Kay Cornell
  • Gabriel Alvarez
  • Andrew Czeck
  • Donna Brozdonis
  • Jayna Johannes
  • Jeanne Eigner
  • Nicole De Feo
  • Maida Brown
  • Yvonne Crimella
  • Baby Elizabeth
  • William Gustautson
  • Karen Nielsen
  • Annie Marill & girls
  • Bob Wimmer
  • Mike Puto
  • Wilma Tarlton
  • Denny Palmer
  • Patricia Thonus
  • Honey Karl
  • Barbara Musacchia
  • Frank Batistich
  • Randy Wright
  • Joan Hoch
  • Nancy Gudgeon
  • Neiro
  • Nathaniel & Merrick Maro
  • Father Ed Prus
  • John Luce
  • Mary Love
  • Chris
  • Cecelia
  • Bernie Benvenuti
  • Anna Hartley
  • Don Market
  • Roberto Betancourt
  • Paul Bekavak
  • Ashley Radloff
  • Abby Cafiero
  • Teresa Vaccaro
  • Christine Grenet
  • Don Elzer
  • Baby Aleman
  • Catherine Diaz
  • Frank Vaccaro
  • Stephen Starling
  • Baby Mila

If you see yourself or someone you know on the list who is no longer sick, please contact the office.

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The Archdiocese of Miami has been hearing reports of people receiving text messages and emails from scammers impersonating clergy, asking for gift cards from Amazon and other retailers. If you, your friends or family receive text messages or emails like this, please do not respond or buy the requested gift cards. Clergy would not ask for gift cards.

You can report the scam to Florida's Consumer Protection Division, by visiting and filling out a complaint form, or calling the Fraud Hotline, 1-866-966-7226.

Please share this with family and friends.

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