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Announcements from our bulletin of October 13, 2019

The word of God is powerful enough to cleanse us of sickness and sin. The first reading and the Gospel show us miraculous cures from the terrible disease of leprosy. Through faith and trust, those who were sick listened to and followed the direction of their healers and regained their lives and standing in the community. Nothing is beyond God's capabilities, including forgiving our most egregious sins.

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Father, all the elements of nature obey Your commands.
Protect us and all Your people
During this season of storms and hurricanes.
Calm our fears and help us to prepare
Our hearts as well as our homes.
Help us to see You
In all we encounter,
And help us to minister to each other
In Your Name.
Through Christ Our Lord,

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The Second Collection will be regularly offered for the funding of the San Pablo Sound System. We hope to better serve our faith community and enhance your spiritual experience with a clear sounding spoken word and song.

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Classes will be in the parish hall from 11:00am - 12:15pm.

  • Sunday, October 13th: Classes
  • Sunday, October 20th: Classes
  • Sunday, October 27th: Classes

Donations of snacks much appreciated!

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We are still collecting physical donations to provide relief for those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Women's and children's T-Shirts are greatly needed and preferred, but we are also accepting donations of household appliances, luggage, and containers. Thank you for your generosity.

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A big ''thank you'' to all of those participating in online giving with WeShare! Online giving has been a big help to our parish. San Pablo Parish has received more consistent donations and been able to reprioritize office tasks. WeShare saves the administrative staff valuable time with its ability to accept credit and debit cards and to make automatic withdrawals from checking and savings accounts. This means more time to serve you and our mission as parish.

No matter how you give, your gifts are always appreciated! If you have not yet made the switch to online giving, we invite you to consider doing so. Online giving offers our parish a stable, sustainable future. We know that you share in this vision and we're excited about giving our parishioners many ways to participate in our growth as a parish family.

Thank you for your support!

Go to our website and click on Online Giving

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Retuning for their 1st meeting of the coming year on Oct. 14th at 5:00pm in the parish hall.

Mary Therese has scheduled speakers: the Sisters of the Pierced Heart from Miami will bring their joyful presence to us in October.

Plan to join them in a Rosary at the church at 4:30pm.

There will be further reflection on the Rosary and/or vocations during dinner. If you plan to bring a guest to meet the nuns, there is an added charge of $10.00 per person.

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  • Marie Schmidt,
  • Ruthie & Billy Wagner,
  • Bill & Melody Kelley,
  • Jim & Jeannie Platt,
  • Barbara Arena,
  • Peter Pittman,
  • Fran Newman,
  • Dorothy Pawlus,
  • Sara Joseph Rager,
  • Roland Rochleau,
  • Nancy Ahearn,
  • Philomene Lebon,
  • Morgan Leary,
  • Ellen Monahan Andary,
  • Riley Johannes,
  • Tamara Pfeffer,
  • Jim Johnson,
  • Christopher Cullen,
  • Kaitlyn Palguta,
  • Faith Palguta,
  • Michael Valentine,
  • Karen Wimmer,
  • Fred Beverly,
  • Kay Cornell,
  • Gabriel Alvarez,
  • Andrew Czeck,
  • Donna Brozdonis,
  • Jayna Johannes,
  • Jeanne Eigner,
  • Nicole De Feo,
  • Maida Brown,
  • Yvonne Crimella,
  • Baby Elizabeth,
  • Roy Wimmer,
  • William Gustautson,
  • Frank Gessell,
  • Karen Nielsen,
  • Annie Marill & girls,
  • Bob Wimmer,
  • Mike Puto,
  • Wilma Tarlton,
  • Denny Palmer,
  • Baby Connor Manning,
  • Patricia Thonus,
  • Honey Karl,
  • Barbara Musacchia,
  • Frank Batistich,
  • Kathy Starky,
  • Randy Wright,
  • Joan Hoch,
  • Nancy Gudgeon,
  • Maro Neiro,
  • Father Ed Prus,
  • John Luce,
  • Mary Love,
  • Chris, Cecelia,
  • Larry Benvenuti,
  • Pat Joseph Becker,
  • Merrick Neiro,
  • Anna Hartley,
  • Don Market

If you see yourself or someone you know on the list who is no longer sick, please contact the office.

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